Why Choose

Why Choose Axe Tree Pros?

Why Clients Prefer ATP


“It’s a dangerous job but someone has to do it.”

Safety is always first. ATP is fully licensed and insured. No matter how big or small the job is, our commitment to maintaining rigid safety standards is the heartbeat of our quality.


ATP is vigilant and precise in the planning and safety of our crew, the properties in which we service, and the accuracy in how we get the JOB DONE.

Good Deals

We pride ourselves in being ‘straight shooters’ and emphasize keeping things cost friendly for you without compromising the quality of work.


Trees share and breathe the same air as we do. We are a preservation company. Every job begins and ends with trying to preserve the longevity of the tree. This means avoiding the removal of trees at all cost and only as a last resort.


For the sake of keeping things simple, our team keeps things as transparent as possible throughout the entire process. We are more than willing to explain.

All great art carries with it a genius of simplicity and we do strive to keep the entire process of your tree needs first.

About Us

A Tree Trimmer (technically referred to as a tree arborist) like any great skill or talent, is an art. It takes years to learn and a lifetime to master the art of the trade.

For the last 20 years, owner and operator Jason Collins has dedicated his life to tree trimming. If tree climbing were a sport, then Jason has rightfully earned his place in the Hall of Fame.

Although you’d rarely catch him talking about himself, Jason has competed (and placed) in national tree climbing competitions, and through countless hours of industry experience and hard work, he’s learned how to evaluate any shrub, plant, or tree with the keenest of eyes, while developing a course of action best suitable for any situation.

Jason’s skillset has helped build the reputation of Axe Tree Pros and earned him recognition in his respective field. This has also transferred over to a strong base of repeated customers who endorse him to friends and family.